VXi Corporation

VXI Corporation manufactures telecommunication and speech recognition solutions for contact centers, offices, original equipment manufacturers, and mobile professionals.

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Today, as a leading manufacturer of telephone headset products, VXi continues to develop new, productivity-enhancing methods for integrating voice with emerging technologies.
Delivering clear communication, VXi’s corded & wireless headsets bring innovation & value to contact centers & offices around the world. For mobile communication, our BlueParrott Bluetooth headsets knock out the most aggressive background noise.
VXi's corded and wireless headsets simply sound better, making them the headset of choice at many of the largest professional contact centers and offices. And our BlueParrott brand of Bluetooth headsets, designed specifically for high-noise environments, has become the #1 headset brand in the professional trucker market.

  • VXi V100 wireless office headsets let you take calls 300 feet away from your desk
  • VXi Passport Series corded headsets provide exceptional sound quality and durability for the contact center
  • VXi Tria corded headsets come in three comfortable wearing styles - perfect for the office environment
  • VXi BlueParrott Bluetooth headsets, including the B250-XT and VXi BlueParrott Xpressway, are designed to block out the roar of an 18-wheeler

See our validated solutions listed on http://testlab.inin.com/