FocusOne Data Systems

FocusOne produces innovative letters and statements for the collection, financial and healthcare industries. Our software development team has created seamless interfaces for dozens of current software systems and data formats.

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N. America

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FocusOne's goal is to provide superior quality in all of its services. Below are some of the methods we employ to ensure letter and data integrity.

  • Checksums are employed to ensure that data has not been compromised during processing.
  • Record auditing and error alerting systems are in place to identify any failures due to unexpected changes in customer supplied data.
  • Bar code scan technology is used at every production phase to track individual letters as they progress through our facility.
  • Output verification systems are employed to ensure that every letter enters the mail stream correctly and promptly.
  • A formal testing and proofing process is employed on every letter. This process includes a final customer approval on every letter, using actual customer data.
  • Rigorous, team-oriented problem resolution techniques are used to identify the root cause of a problem or error. The focus is on irreversibly correcting systemic errors so that similar issues will never recur.