ERQ – Advanced Routing and Queuing for Email


Contact Centers are faced with the ever advancing technologies available to their clients. Smartphones and tablets are giving clients instant access to information and the ability to be connected 24/7. Agents must be organized and efficient in how they are handling email responses.

Interactive Environment
CIC 3.0


Our product includes:

  • Threading -This is the ability to tie many emails together in one thread.  This is similar to the conversation feature in Outlook 2010.
  • Hold Reasons/Pending Concept - When an email within the thread has been held, disconnected, or sent, the agent can “status” the thread.  Essentially the agent is telling the system if the email is pending, held, waiting on a response from a customer, or closed.  Each agent can see how many email threads that they have opened or yet to process.  The agent would then have a view to see their emails at any given point.  This reduces the amount of interactions that are live on the system and still keeps the data.  These emails can be renewed at any point (see below for definition of renewed*).
  • Complex keyword lookups - The ability to route, prioritize, and/or assign a skill or user a specific email based upon words or phrases in the subject or body of an email.  This will allow emails to get to the correct queue or user without the additional transfers.
  • Bulls-eye Routing - When a customer replies to an email, we can assign that email to the user or queue that it was last in, reducing transfers and overall email handling time.  This increases the “high touch” feeling that we like to give to customers.  If the user is out of the office, the email will automatically be reassigned to the queue (this can be disabled).
  • Point in time logging - Every time an email is queued, picked up, held, transferred, sent, or disconnected, we log the email details at that point in time.  This allows for much more complex reporting.  This is done using PMQ.
  • Near Real-Time Search - Because of our point in time logging, we can search for emails in the system.  Often customers will email in and then call to ask to see if their email has been received.  Now a consultant can do this search.  These emails can be picked up immediately, previewed without grabbing them, and they can be renewed*(see below).
  • Better Switchover handling - Upon a switchover, emails are returned to the user that last processed the email!  Switchovers are bad enough, having to redo work, is not fun, but now at least the email that was last worked can be returned to the rep, minimizing the extra research.

*Renew - The ability to take an email at any point in time, and reply/forward that email and its attachments leveraging the Create New Email Interaction feature.


Customer must have sufficient database architecture to handle enhancement (assessment required)

  • Using the CIC .NET client
  • Licensed for IceLib
  • No more than 50% capacity of session manager (or OSSM is required)
  • .NET 3.5 or later
  • Supported on CIC 3.0 SU9, tested/verified on SU 16
  • Advanced Server license (for handler development)
  • Database and XML tools for designer
  • Available in the English Language only


This licensing does includes first year maintenance for bug fixes – maintenance must be ordered with software through EDCi. 

  • Annual Software Maintenance is $8,100 which includes the following: 
    • 90 Days unlimited support on the software.  After that time EDCi will provide 5 tickets for break fixes throughout the year.
  • Above licensing does not include any customization the client might require – this would be done at $195/ hour rate.
  • For infrastructure assessment and installation the charge is $175/hour.  This is normally between 20 and 36 hours (depending on the number of servers in the farm i.e. development, stage, production).
    • Training on the application is available and is a train the trainer scenario. We would write a scope of work for this.
  • All work is done remotely unless the client prefers on site. Then additional travel charges would apply.