Skills Performance Report by Queue: CIC 3.0

Common Insights, LLC

This report provides a summary of statistics per workgroup queue and breaks down the queue’s data by skills and media types. It also provides a collection of graphs that further detail the information.

Interactive Environment
CIC 3.0
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This report provides a summary across common queue performance KPIs including volume statistics (offered, answered, abandoned), answer and abandon rates, % service level, and %occupancy broken down by skills and media types. It also contains visual graphs to break down the data by date, when executed across multiple days, or by hour for a single day.


  • Crystal Report
  • Compatible against SQL Servers
  • CIC 3.0
  • Must have skills reporting enabled prior


This Skills Performance Report by Queue package is sold on the Interactive Intelligence MarketPlace with limited support and enhancements. Email installation support is provided within 30 days of purchase. 30 minutes of report customizations are included with this package.  We acknowledge that not all KPIs are measured the same, some people may not like the color blue, and others use extremely long names and may need some formatting adjustments. Customization requests must be initiated within 30 days of purchase and is delivery timeline is reserved by Common Insights, LLC. Please see the Enhancement and Support section of the documentation guide for more information.

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