CIC System Report Handler - 4.0


This handler allows export of user and workgroup information from the CIC registry into a CSV. Reports include Company Directory, Workgroups, Roles, Skills, Attendant DNS, and Licensing. In addition, a compiled report of all 6 can be produced.

Industry Focus
Interactive Environment
CIC 4.0
Solution Type
Reporting Server Side Utility


Many users have asked how they can export the information in Interaction Administrator to Excel and aside from pain-staking typing or screen shots, there is not a simple way to print a company directory or listing of workgroup members.  Well, now there is.  With the CIC System Report Handler, you can quickly product a Directory Report, Workgroup Listing, Roles Listing, and Skills listing showing all the users assigned to each and can be edited inside Excel.  This simple handler will save you hours of time to find out who is assigned to what.


CIC 4.0


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